Researcher in low power and asynchronous circuits, Newcastle University.
MEng EEE, University of Southampton 2016.
Learner of French and Mandarin. Interested in many others.


Variable Bitwidth Asynchronous Dot Product

A fresh ideas paper presented at ASYNC 2019.

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Self-timed, Minimum Latency Circuits for IoT

Adder and comparator designs with improved latency and energy compared to synchronous versions. The comparator benefits especially from dual-rail logic.

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Faster and Cheaper Circuits through Self-timing

Self-timed circuits can provide better performance with lower design cost.

Power Proportionality Poster

Best poster award at PATMOS 2017.

Power Proportional Adder Design

A self-timed adder optimised for subthreshold shows power proportionality.

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Cool things I've built.
Satellite Power Supply

Energy harvester, battery charger and power controller for satellite subsystems. Part of my Masters group project.

Compact LED Lighting

A small PCB design housing three LEDs. A linear current source saves PCB space, and a potentiometer sets the brightness.

Thermocouple Meter

A simple thermocouple meter using a PIC microcontroller and 16x2 character LCD.

Watercooled PC

Custom built water loop with DIY reservoir side-panel.


Utilities I've written to make life (mostly) easier.

Lock screen displaying how long the user has been away.


Collection of useful TeX packages for EEE.


A minimal vimrc with no plugins.


A Haskell library for manipulating boolean expressions.


A lightweight notifier for Maildir written in Python with minimal dependencies.


A pacman hook to save the local package list after every transaction.