Adrian Wheeldon

Engineer, Language Learner

About Me

I’m Adrian, an electronic engineer from the UK studying for a PhD in low power and asynchronous design at Newcastle University. My research explores asynchronous logic within processors with the goal of low power and energy proportionality. I previously gained the MEng in Electronic Engineering with First-class honours awarded from the University of Southampton in 2016.

Beside my research, I also have a strong interest in embedded systems and microcontrollers. Check out my portfolio for my previous projects and feel free to contact me ( if you’re working on something I might be interested in.

I’m passionate about language learning and also enjoy cycling and driving competitions (AutoSolos). Read more on the hobbies page.


Workcraft Packages for Arch Linux

Workcraft is a framework for working with interpreted graph models. It can be used to draw, verify and convert between many types of directed graphs as well as synthesise digital circuits from them. The software is developed by the μsystems ...

Electric Car

In the 2015/16 academic year I was part of the Southampton University Electric Vehicles Society (SUEVS) during its first year. The goal for the year was to build an electric car from scratch to run in the Shell EcoMarathon. I was part of the ...

Satellite Power Supply

For my undergraduate dissertation I undertook a group project to design a small satellite power supply. The deliverable product was a populated and tested PCB designed to fit the demanding physical constraints imposed by the satellite. The main ...

Compact LED Lighting

This was a small project to allow me to add extra lighting to my car’s poorly lit interior. The PCB has space for three small LEDs and a potentiometer to set the brightness. The LEDs are mounted at 120° to each other to allow the legs to ...

Watercooled PC


Thermocouple Meter

This was my first electronics project which I completed whilst at high school. The gadget takes input from a K-Type thermocouple and displays absolute temperature on a 16×2 character LCD. The project came about from my love of overclocking ...

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