In the 2015/16 academic year I was part of the Southampton University Electric Vehicles Society (SUEVS) during its first year. The goal for the year was to build an electric car from scratch to run in the Shell EcoMarathon. I was part of the Powertrain group and took charge of the overall design and manufacture of the electronics subsystem. As a team of two we produced a bespoke motor controller with speed readout along with crimped cabling for the sundries which included the throttle grip, speed readout and horn.

EcoMarathon Car

The system was based around an AVR microcontroller which enabled the use of a PID loop for motor control. A single MOSFET was used to control the motor current which allowed a simple and reliable circuit in the short time frame. Reverse battery protection was incorporated using a MOSFET rather than a diode to reduce the power loss in the system.