AutoSOLOs are timed driving tests organised on a hard surface. Traffic cones are used to create slaloms and other obstacles which must be navigated in the fastest time possible. Unlike Autotests, AutoSOLOs are all-forwards requiring no reversing or complex manoeuvres. They are a good test of driving ability at low speeds and provide a whole day of fun motorsport!

I compete in competitions across the UK and have won several awards including a few ‘First in Class’ where I completed the courses faster than any car of similar engine size.

Corsa Autosolo Action


I’m fascinated by languages, the way we use them to communicate, and how each language can make us think in a different way. Apart from my native English, I also speak French at level B1 and am learning A1 Mandarin Chinese.

Languages like Arabic, Chinese and Russian interest me the most as they are spoken by a very large population, and their native countries have very differing cultures from the English speaking world. The written languages also differ vastly from English — using unfamiliar alphabets, or no alphabet at all (in the case of Chinese)! The different phonemes in the spoken language also present an extra challenge.

Arch Linux

Arch Linux is a GNU/Linux distribution built on the Pacman package manager. It’s my choice for both personal and academic work due to its simplicity. I run a minimalistic install based on AwesomeWM without a full-blown desktop environment. Some of my favourite tools include vim and mutt.


Since the age of fourteen I was involved in competitive overclocking. During the four years I was active, I competed in multiple competitions and jointly ran — the site of the UK’s No. 1 overclocking team at the time. In 2012 I won the Asus Overclocking Masters UK competition along with my Benchtec teammate Sam Denning. I have three years of experience with sub-zero cooling techniques and often used liquid nitrogen during my overclocking career. The highest CPU frequency I have achieved is 7.3GHz on an Intel Celeron 356.

I no longer take part in competitions but I do still overclock my personal computers for performance gains and/or power savings. You can see my competitive profile at HWBOT.

Modified Graphics Card

A graphics card modified to allow adjustment and measurement of core and memory voltages. Extra capacitors have also been added to help smoothing during sub-zero use.

My Benchmarking Setup

My benchmarking setup with homemade open-top case, multimeters and temperature probe. A pot is mounted on the graphics card and thermos flasks hold liquid nitrogen.