Researcher in low power and asynchronous circuits, Newcastle University.
MEng EEE, University of Southampton 2016.


Sustainable, Pervasive AI

A 3-minute PhD Pitch presented at UKCAS 2020.

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Low-Latency Asynchronous Logic Design for Inference at the Edge

Self-timed inference datapath based on the Tsetlin Machine algorithm.

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Tsetlin Machine: A new Paradigm for Pervasive AI

A presentation at the SCONA workshop, DATE 2020.

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Variable Bitwidth Asynchronous Dot Product

A fresh ideas paper presented at ASYNC 2019.

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Self-timed, Minimum Latency Circuits for IoT

Adder and comparator designs with improved latency and energy compared to synchronous versions. The comparator benefits especially from dual-rail logic.

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Faster and Cheaper Circuits through Self-timing

Self-timed circuits can provide better performance with lower design cost.

Power Proportionality Poster

Best poster award at PATMOS 2017.

Power Proportional Adder Design

A self-timed adder optimised for subthreshold shows power proportionality.

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Cool things I've built.
Satellite Power Supply

Energy harvester, battery charger and power controller for satellite subsystems. Part of my Masters group project.

Compact LED Lighting

A small PCB design housing three LEDs. A linear current source saves PCB space, and a potentiometer sets the brightness.

Thermocouple Meter

A simple thermocouple meter using a PIC microcontroller and 16x2 character LCD.

Watercooled PC

Custom built water loop with DIY reservoir side-panel.


Utilities I've written to make life (mostly) easier.

Convert Synopsys Liberty fomat to SIS Genlib.


Lock screen displaying how long the user has been away.


Collection of useful TeX packages for EEE.


A minimal vimrc with no plugins.


A Haskell library for manipulating boolean expressions.


A lightweight notifier for Maildir written in Python with minimal dependencies.


A pacman hook to save the local package list after every transaction.