Overclocking Competitions

Throughout 2008–2012 I competed in national and international overclocking competitions. My greatest accolade is winning the Asus Overclocking Masters, Spring 2012 edition. I have also competed at the Gigabyte GoOC 2010, and played a major role in the former UK and world number one overclocking team, Benchtec UK (now sadly defunct). Most of my overclocking endeavours featured exotic cooling in the form of liquid nitrogen. My old profile still lives on at HWBot.org.

Preparing a motherboard for extreme cooling using kneadable eraser and neoprene. Motherboard with kneadable eraser surrounding the CPU socket.

Pushing hardware to the extreme limits often involves physical modifications, such as adding potentiometers to voltage controllers in order to increase the core and memory voltages past their software limits. Extra decoupling capacitors can also help to deal with the increased load on the voltage regulators. A graphics card with volt mods and extra decoupling capacitors.